Do you look at your furniture and sit in despair while shifting?

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Relocation can be a daunting task and can give you nightmares too.

Whenever the word relocation strikes your mind, the first thing you see is your furniture. Starting from your bed to your kid’s, the closets, sofa, the tea table, dining table and chairs nothing will be spared from the torturous journey of shifting.

Source – Google

Does this give you chills in your spines?
Need not.

Packers and movers in Kolkata can give a wonderful experience of shifting to your new home by taking up the burden of shifting your furniture harmlessly to your desired location.

They know that each and every furniture item is different hence; it will require different techniques to pack and unpack them. the gist idea is to keep your furniture safe and in shape so that you can be tension free and smile while heading to the new beginning of your life.

The items which can make you frown:

Furniture items

Unbind the legs of the dining table and chairs and wrap it around with a towel or paper so that they can be carried with much ease.
As they have high chances of breaking apart, if you can wrap them well, they will remain intact.

For your sofa stop thinking much and use pads.
Place one pad on the floor and put your sofa in the middle and place the other on top of the sofa and use a tape to cover it from all sides.

In this way your entire sofa will be guarded against any harm.

Soft items

Regarding the soft items of the house you can place it in the drawers of the closet or table and lock it from outside securely.

The soft times such as soft toys, papers, light bedding such as bed sheets and covers will not be of much weight hence can be carried along with the furniture itself.

Fragile items

For items such as crockery or show pieces which are fragile enough to break in one bang, should be wrapped in towels and pieces of clothes and packed in another box which will be under strict observation so that it does not hamper the things in between.

Mirror frames & picture frames

The cardboard gives them a good support to the mirror frames and pictures which will prevent them to even get a tinge on it.

Mirror being your best friend is well looked after once it is safely packed with cardboards.

Hence, these were few tips on how you should be manipulating your furniture while relocation. And, if you contact a packer and mover in Kolkata the entire headache of packing this furniture would minimize to the level zero. You have to sit back and watch your things being moved to your desired location.


The Relocation Industry- A New Budding Prospect

Packers and movers in India is the new booming industry

packers and movers in India

It is quite astonishing to see that the relocation industry in India is budding with such leaps and bounds. But one of the backdrops of such business is its unorganized way of evolving. There is no such law to revert back to any follies of such industry. Neither it has any internal auditory module nor does it have a fixed earning to have check on its growth. This has made it easier for anyone to rent a place and open up a company of Packers and Movers in India.

But none the less, such industries are developing in different ways and are recognized as the next fast growing industry after the IT sector in India. The reasons for its establishment in such a pace can be noted a few:


  • Ever increasing population in India,growth rate
  • Sudden divisions of joint family,
  • Students opting for studying across the city,
  • People coming in to reside for work purposes,
  • The requirement to move in new places without any hassles.

Online trackingThe technology is the guide light. The relocation companies are trying to improve their standards by getting into the know-how of tools that would give the customers a better service. Mobile applications and the GPS tracking system make the service more users friendly and reliable. Hence, the software has made it an improved service with credible development.

There are some radical changes and modifications which gives the industry a push. With the advancement of digitalization and online marketing strategy it has become like a cakewalk to hire a shifting company for your need. With the online services available you do not need to go the office and visit them giving your schedule a drop. You can check the company’s website and compare their work by reading the reviews given on the internet and decide whether to choose them or not. After you have made a decision, give them a call, and they will be at your service.

So, doesn’t it sound easy? Indeed it is. The virtual world has given a new look to the old and traditional way of choosing a company for packing and unpacking your belongings in the new domain of yours. Hence, they can be a good safe when you are already going through adrenaline rush when you look around your belongings at the time of move.